Salient Features of the National Curriculum of Pakistan 2022-23 (ECE to 8)

o The NCP is standards, benchmarks and outcomes-based across all subjects as compared to the 2006 curriculum in which standards benchmarks and learning outcomes were not developed for each subject curriculum.

o In 2006, the subject of Islamiat was integrated with General Knowledge up to grade 2 and started as a separate subject from Grade 3 onwards. In the NCP Islamiat starts from grade 1 as a separate subject up to grade 12.

o Previously the subject of Ethics was designated for non-Muslim students in lieu of Islamiat from Grade 3 onwards. Now a new subject Religious Education has been introduced for non-Muslim students from grade 1 onwards for seven minority groups of Pakistan.

o The content of the NCP for Maths and Science has been aligned to the TIMSS content framework.

o The content is aligned with international commitments like SDG 4.

o The NCP focuses on equipping learners with principles and attributes such as truthfulness, honesty, tolerance, respect, peaceful coexistence, environmental awareness & care, democracy, human rights, sustainable development, global citizenship, personal care and safety.

o NCP focuses on the development of analytical, critical and creative thinking through a more activities-based approach rather than static teacher-centric learning.

o The 2006 curriculum was implemented only in government schools and some low-cost private schools. The NCP will be implemented across the board in all schools of Pakistan including government and private schools and Deeni Madaris.