Computer Science - DRAFT IT Policy




Computing Curriculum

Aims of the IT policy

To enable school staff and students to:

  • use ICT equipment and tackle all the applications confidently and safely;
  • recognize the capabilities and limitations of ICT;
  • adapt easily to different ICT systems used for different purposes;
  • responsibly use the available technologies to achieve the maximum learning objectives.


This document is intended for use by:

  • school management/administration
  • teachers
  • students
  • parents (for information purposes)



  1.  Staff/students must be educated about plagiarism and how to avoid it.
  2. They must not copy anything written by anyone else without referencing it.


Communication using school ICT resources:

  1. Students should have parents’ consent before communicating with teachers/other students online.
  2. Students must be careful about use of technology and who has access to student’s personal information.
  3. Students must not give out personal contact details to anyone without having consent from their parents.
  4. Staff will use the school’s ICT resources to communicate with parents/children/staff.
  5. Teachers should make contact with parents/children only for professional reasons.
  6. Staff should be careful about their own use of school technology and who has access to their personal information.
  7. Do not give out personal contact details to parents/children.
  8. Teachers should not use the internet to send personal messages to parents/children. E-Safety Guidelines for Early Years, Primary and Middle Schools need to be followed.


Internet Usage:

  • Misuse of the school’s ICT resources by teachers or students must be reported to the school head.
  • ICT usage document/policy must be shared with the staff and students to ensure its appropriate use/compliance.
  • Parents’ permission must be taken before conducting any interactive online activity.
  • Internet use should not be allowed to the students without the supervision of a teacher under any circumstances.
  • Students/Teachers should not download or install any software without the permission of the relevant IT personal.
  • Students/staff must not be allowed to view any inappropriate content.
  • Safe search filters must be used on all the computers in the school.
  • Teachers must carefully select the websites before using them during their lessons to avoid viewing any inappropriate content.
  • Available videos must be downloaded beforehand to avoid showing inappropriate videos.
  • Passwords of any online account must not be shared by the students or staff with anyone and “Remember me” settings must be unchecked on all school computers.
  • Teachers / Students should not attempt to access a website that is blocked as a result of government policy.
  • Staff and students must be aware that network usage is being monitored, tracked, and traced


Health and Safety:

  • All the ICT equipment must be appropriately placed and installed throughout the school.
  • Ergonomics must be kept in mind for the sitting arrangements of the students/staff.
  • Users should be comfortably seated and positioned in the correct posture, with easy access to all equipment.
  • ICT equipment must be cleaned regularly.


Standard of Equipment

  • 1 PC for maximum 4 students
  • Appropriate furniture
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Networked PCs